Mike's Campus - Flash

Concepts in Motion Design (11q) - Mr. Likens
Assignment: Create animated logo and banner ad

Banner ad

Animated Logo

Concepts in Motion Design (17q) - Mr. Evans
Assignment: Create animated logos and banner ads

Texas Land Bank Animated Logo - 400 x 550

Based on the still and animated logo I choose, I wanted to create a farm-like setting. Farm animals, prairie landscape, oil pumps, and windmills. This is a Texas
based company and I wanted to make it feel like it had a setting that could exist in Texas. I wanted my ads to look professional and reflect the type of company
I was representing. I also included in each animation two buttons; a replay button, and a button that would take the user to their website.

468 x 60 (Full Size)

728 x 90 (Leaderboard)

600 x 160 (Wide Skyscraper)

Assignment: Flash Preloader. My first preloader animation was not very exciting, so I wanted to change it into something more interesting. I choose to create a 5
ball pendulum. I thought that would be more pleasing to look at while waiting for 5 megs of data to load.
I included 'Moving in Stereo' by The Cars to increase the size of the preloader, otherwise the preloader cannot be simulated. Once the preloader has completed, it
switches to a captured still.

400 x 550 Preloader