Mike's Campus - Hand Skills

Note: From my 1st quarter class: 2D Design Fundamentals with Mr. Hobson.

Assignment: Week 2 - Create 8 types of drawing samples
Note: All 8 drawings were on 1 large sheet of drawing paper

Assignment: Create Portraits in Ink using different shadow techniques
Note: I chose David Byrne from the group, Taking Heads

Assignment: Create a 1 word title advertisement in pencil

Assignment: Create a magazine article for a given theme in pencil

Assignment: Create logo using our initials in pencil
Note: My initials are MWK

Assignment: Combine modern product advertisement using famous artist's techniques in pencil
Note: I chose M.C. Escher

Note: My 4th quarter Digital Illustration class with Mr. Frisbie
Assignment: Week 7 - Create 3 illustrations for inside a book
Note: From a photo I took in Olongapo City, Philippines

Note: From a photo I found on the web of Pappi Boyington

Note: From a photo I found on the web of WWII planes