Mike's Campus - Video

Animated DVD Logo created for DVD Project.


Video introduction created for DVD Project.
Uses video captured from movies: National Treasure and Spies Like Us and audio from
the JFK Movie soundtrack.


Animated Logo with audio created for DVD Project


Intro to Video (2q) - Mrs. Reid
Assignment: Create a 'Buy a drink' in camera edited video shot on campus.
Note: The audio is poor. Be careful when you see her enter the stairwell, the audio gets loud. It's unfinished and
I wasn't able to shoot the money shot. It was just a couples of cuts away, though. She was going to buy another
drink, pull it up like she did for the first one, but have security standing behind her. Then cut to waiting man in
library (which I did shoot). The bottles I shot with were never opened and alcohol was not consumed on campus.


Video Editing (6q) - Mrs. Claybrook
30 second dream sequence


Writing I (7q) - Mrs. Scally
Barbie Gone Bad Project